Seven Lies about Homeschoolers

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  1. Raquel says:

    I homeschooled my daughter from the time she was two until the second trimester of kindergarten, and she liked it, but wanted to try out traditional schooling. I was hesitant, because I thought that schools, both public and private were lax in their curriculum, I thought my standards were higher! She was reading, writing, and had her own computer by age three, so she’s bright but she yearned for an environment that would allow her to grow away from me 24/7. Fast forward I put her in a local elementary school because everything I heard about it was fantastic, and they were competitive with private schools in the area. She thrived, and the school is absolutely amazing! Now my son (who’s three) has been at home with me instead of daycare/ preschool, and he was just tested to enter the preschool program at my dgahuter’s school and he is at a 5-6 year-old level in everything, and my 6 year-old dgahuter tests at a fourth grade level! I’m glad we decided to try out traditional school, because they both get the best of both worlds, I still buy homeschool curticulum because pre-k third grade are the most formative years of a child’s education, but as a business owner I also now have the time to dedicate to building my business and focus on my career! In the fall when my son starts preschool I’ll have even more time, and after a while, you get the itch to get back to work. I was exhausted when I was homeschooling, because I’d do 6 hours of school and 18 hours of work .I literally went weeks without even 1 hour of sleep! Now I am on several PTO committees, and volunteer at the school several days a week, and help with our girl scout troop, but my dgahuter is happy and we’ve made a few new friends that will probably be lifelong, and I couldn’t ask for more!

    • Gonzalo says:

      wow! Well let me start by saying I don’t hocoemhosl I am smart enough to do the work, I can teach my children lots of stuff and I have. My husband is smart, has taught all of us many things in his areas of expertise however, we would no longer be parents if we had attempted to hocoemhosl our children they would be dead, or we would be dead. You all who have the patience and the willpower to day after day tackle something that tries your patience are amazing I know I could never do it. I used my time and expertise to instead really investigate choice schools and found actually the two very best in our county. My kids have attended choice school all of their school careers except for my oldest daughters kindergarten year. So to my point it has almost NOTHING to do with where they go to school, and almost NOTHING to do with who teaches them (unless you are unfortunate enough to get a pedophile or sadist for an instructor but let’s call that out of the ordinary ), it has EVERYTHING to do with parent involvement! Not just yours, but those of the parents of your child’s peers. Schools where parents are involved (and let’s just call houses where hocoemhosling occurs schools’ for the moment) have the huge benefit of parents who know what’s going on, if they are studying the life-cycle of the bumble bee and you happen to see a bee hive, you can talk about it. If they are studying the geography of Asia and you happen to see a program on Nepal, you can watch, and discuss it. If there is a rotten little bully, all the other parents can let one another know about it, and well honestly, put pressure on the school and the bully’s mommy to make more effort to correct the situation. Because learning, home school, or not does not occur from 8:30-3:30 and then cease. As for someone learning while they teach, G-d I hope so even trained teachers have plenty left to learn. I would hope very much that the woman that teaches my children AP Chemistry, and is veyr grey haired and British (and has PhD) has learned A LOT since she got her teaching degree because chemistry has changed a wee bit since 1930 or whenever she graduated. (exaggerating for clarity btw). Oh oh oh, and that factory person good Lord I hope you never come in contact with my children, they would set you straight so fast it would make your head spin around and you would terrify any young children or domestic animals who happened to see. As far as regimented, I hope Cleatus’ job has some regimentation, I hope that on some level he does have to compete for his boss’ attention, and I hope that sometimes he has to sit through a meeting and hold his pee just like the rest of us. It hasn’t hurt me any over the years to have ALREADY experienced a few challenges and learn in advance how to overcome them. I am not opposed to hocoemhosling at all I didn’t do it because I would have killed my children I needed to send them away in order to be a better mom, I also needed someone else to teach them certain things that when I would have tried would never have worked out well not because I can’t do it, but because I can’t teach it. I also think that there is a huge social drawback to hocoemhosling, but most of my friends who hocoemhosl overcome this by doing things with their hocoemhosl co-op (field trips, etc) and of course church or youth groups (scouts, etc) and sports. I am opposed to people hocoemhosling who are doing it to be anti-establishment, or because they can’t let go of little johnny for five minutes or because they can’t trust little johnny to have his own personality or because little johnny entirely defines who they are people need to examine the reasons, not the what or where. Cleatus is clearly behind the home-schooling, he just wants some input in his kids’ education, like any other responsible parent and I think that if this kid were in school they would want to meet with the teacher and discuss concerns so there maybe needs to be some sort of version of parent-teacher conferences where everyone gets heard and considered but that means that the parent hears and considers the teacher also.

    • Horacio says:

      This would be a blessing to my flaimy! I have a daughter who will finish two years of school work this year because she LOVES To learn and wants to constantly be doing schoolwork. If we could win a class we would chose Exploring Creation With Physical Science. She will be starting 9th Grade next fall so this class is just right for her!

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