Seven Lies about Homeschoolers

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Public Schools: More and More Like Concentration Camps


Life under Communism wasn’t fun, not at all. And going to school was not exactly a joyful experience – in fact, if anything, school was specifically designed to brainwash you into not thinking about the big issues of life. The less you thought, the more useful you were for the Communist elite. Every activity, every hour of the day was supposed to pass under the watchful eye of the Party functionaries. We were managed, like machines, or like cattle, into a collectivist utopia of uniform robots.

At least we could go to the bathroom whenever we had the need. The Party didn’t think that going to the bathroom must be managed by teachers or Party functionaries. Nor was bathroom time managed. If you have to go, you go. There were no punishments for going to the bathroom, and no prizes for keeping it in. We had heard that some institutions had done that before: the Nazi concentration camps. But we didn’t have such policy in the schools, no matter how oppressive the regime was.

But some functionaries in the New York public schools believe it is OK to control the children’s behavior concerning going to the bathroom. So there is a new policy that gives away prizes for NOT going to the bathroom, and also gives passes that limit the number of times a child can go to the bathroom. Three passes a week, which means for a total of 40 hours.

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Home School On A Budget

So you want to home school but you don’t want to break the bank.
That’s understandable. Have you seen the price of some of that
curriculum?  Of course, that’s why you’re reading this article.

There’s no getting around the fact that you will have to spend some
money. But there are many ways to do it with out going broke, so
don’t get discouraged just yet.

First, there are several places where you can get used curriculum at
a reduced price. You’ve probably already guessed ebay and Amazon.

There is also the Curriculum Exchange, The Swap, Educators Exchange,
Abe Books, Alibris, Home school Classified, Home_school Fleamail
(yahoo groups) and a whole host of other on-line used home school
curriculum sites.

This is assuming you even want to use curriculum…

Did you know some home schoolers don’t use curriculum? You heard that
right. So what do they do instead? They go to zoos, parks and museums,
for example. These places often have classes and demonstrations for
home learners.

These home schoolers also go to libraries. Chances are, there is a
public library near you. Do you know that public libraries have a
large supply of children’s textbooks and readers you can use to teach
your child to read?

My local library has the well-known book, “Teach Your Child To Read
In 100 Easy Lessons”. If only I had known sooner, I could have saved
the money I forked over to buy it. (Sigh…)

Libraries also have math books with lots of problems to practice
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals
and percents. They have science and history books to engage the mind
and enlarge student vocabularies. There are craft books and music
books. My library even has stuffed animals for imaginative play.

Have I made my point about libraries?? Don’t let this great resource
go to waste.

Of course, there are other ways to save money while home schooling.
Some home learners are taking advantage of the many web sites that
provide worksheets for a minimal fee. Some are even free.

Places like looklistenlearn, themathworksheetsite, tlsbooks,
edhelper, kidsknowit,  spellingtime, mathmammoth and coolmath4kids.

These are just a few of the wonderful resources you can use. Some
people use them for extra practice. Others use them as the main

If you are really adventurous, you could design your own curriculum.
Of course this takes a lot of time which many of us don’t have.
Always a catch somewhere, isn’t there?

You could also use unit studies. Unit studies are usually less
expensive than other forms of curriculum, and you can use them with
children of varying ages at the same time.

They reinforce reading, writing and thinking skills, while allowing
the student an in-depth study of one subject. Unit studies allow the
student to see how  things are interrelated.

You will, however, have to add a math curriculum. Unit studies don’t
cover math.

Don’t forget garage sales, rummage sales, auctions and used book
stores where you might find something you can use. So get out there
and take a look. You can use it as an excuse to get out of the house.

Last, but certainly not least, you can buy them from other home
schoolers in your support group. What? You don’t belong to a support
group? Well, now you have one more reason to join…

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Big Government To Tell You What to Teach in Your Homeschool?

By Bob Unruh
© 2011 WND

An organization that monitors the U.S. government’s influence on education, and specifically on parents who choose to school their own children, is warning of a pending move in Washington that would result in “de facto national education standards.”

The measure could not only require parents who homeschool their children to teach certain government agenda issues but also effectively remove much of the decision-making authority of local school boards and districts, warns the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The organization focuses on issues affecting homeschool students and their parents in the United States and overseas but also keeps an eye on the larger picture of education policy.


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Welcome to Homeschool Insider!

As you may have noticed, we have changed the format of the web site. We appreciate your patience as we get everything back in order in the near future.

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